Formula One

Formula One is the most popular form of Motorsport in the world. It has been labeled for years as the fastest and the most engaging racing series in the world. While in fact on many circuits across the globe Formula One cars are still set the fastest lap times and the highest top speeds seen during live racing. Formula One has a problem though, and that problem is that since the recession of 2008 manufactures have not wanted to spend the astronomically high figures in order to run a competitive F1 team. This was shown as BMW, Toyota, and Honda all left the sport as the could no longer bare the financial burden of running a team. This has lead to the larger factory backed teams having long periods of dominance. This has happened often in F1 and lead to a massive decrease in viewership around the world while Michael Schumacher dominated the sport for almost ten years in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. These years of dominance and the toll of tight economic times have made for a very different F1 then ten years ago. The engineering freedom and technologies experimented with banned as the FIA changed the formula. This year the formula has changed again and it concentrates on showing fuel efficient engines and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by 30% for the year. With these new regulations concentrating on saving fuel it might open it to more manufactures that are willing to spend the money to use Formula One as a test bed for new technologies and for marketing its automotive products.

Liverpool Title Hopes Slip

Liverpool F.C. have had a monumental lapse that may have cost them their Premier League title hopes this year. Monday night Liverpool only gained one point in a 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace. Even though Crystal Palace has been in good form it is a massive let down for Liverpool. Blowing their 3-0 lead with little less then twelve minutes left in regulation calls in to question their validity as title contenders. Unless Manchester City F.C.  drop their last domestic league games Liverpool’s title hopes have been squandered with two poor performances in their last three games. It looks as Brandon Rogers and Liverpool F.C. may have to add another year to the 24 year drought with out winning a premier league title. Liverpool has not won in England’s top flight league since 1990, two years before the creation of the modern Premier League in 1992. Its amazing that in this time arch rival Manchester United have been able to rack up a staggering 13 titles. The real question is how long will Liverpool remain title less in premier league? Liverpool most also put thought into what needs to be changed in order to not allow a massive disaster like this again.